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Closed Beta for Black Gold coming to China 5/30

Category: News
May 24th, 2013

BG CB (2)

Hot off the wildly successful Age of Wushu launch, Snail Games is not showing signs of slowing down in the MMO world that makes them one of China’s Powerhouse gaming companies.  May 30th in Mainland China and Taiwan will bring players the chance to step into the vast world where Steam and Magic are at war, at war over the powerful resource that fills their universe… Black Gold!

Banner BG CB

 For 15 days, players in China will get a chance to experience a new evolution in combat that combines the normal elements of third-person with FPS as players fight for supremacy for a world of Steam technology or tighten the grip of the natural world with Magic and Fantasy. Here is a glimpse at a few of the many features available to players in this first Closed Beta:

One BIG World

Steam Humans

Black Gold will feature six races and 6 primary classes. Gone are the typical warrior, mage, and healer roles. These 6 classes have their own unique subclasses that combine a tank with a support or a healer with a sniper. Players of a faction must learn how these classes work with one another to prove victories against the rival faction or the many dynamic events in the world. Player’s in the CB will only have access to a few of these classes due to the short time, but there will always be time for more…much more. Kosh

War all over

The vast continent of Montel is filled with dangers that players can interact with. From large scale resource battles, Guild Supremacy fights, and even Cross-Server wars. There is something for everyone to hop into and assume control over in the changing landscape.

Freestyle Combat

Black Gold employs a free-style combo system to make pummeling your opponents all the more satisfying. So charge, roll for cover and unleash devastating critical hits on an open battlefield that’s yours for the conquering.

Grab a Mech Fight a Dragon

BG CB (6)

Steam-powered mechs, transport vehicles, anti-air cannons, armored vehicles, aircraft carriers and warships are just half the story; on the magic side your arsenal begins with flying dragons and battle-trained beasts to send the enemy fleeing in terror. Your attacks can cripple enemy machinery, and you can also steal armaments from the other side. First-person, third-person and sniper-style gameplay is also at your disposal.

The first round of Black Gold’s invasion begins in China on May 30th and will soon travel to North America at E3. Players in the CB will experience all the features mentioned above along with the epic PvP and nine deadly instances. Stay on guard for more Black Gold news and official updates in the coming weeks.


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