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Shanghai – Oct 28th 2014 – Last week during the 2014 Nvidia Game Festival (NGF) at the Shanghai East Asian Expo Center, Snail Games took the stage to show off the stunning graphics of the upcoming title, King of Wushu. One of the first trailers showing the game, filled with close-ups that pushed limits of […]

Shanghai – July 31th, 2014 At Microsoft’s media conference during this year’s China Joy, game developer Snail Games had some exciting news. During the conference, Snail was proud to officially announce the plans for their upcoming martial arts themed MOBA, King of Wushu. The game is the next in the line of Snail’s flagship martial […]

As Black Gold Online enters its second month of Open Beta Testing, the team at Snail Games is happy to reveal a few special peeks at what’s to come for the game in the coming months. Players can look forward to some exciting new features, including new maps, higher level cap, and overall optimization of […]